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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Just finished reading the book

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Excellent view into homeless life. My teenage dau. bought this book, handed it to me a few days ago, and I didn't want to put it down. I've found homelessness to be an interest for years.

Your book shows the vicious cycle of constant survival like no other book I've read on the topic. Most of time you read about the weirdo's out there, but no stories of the difficult experiences from the homeless viewpoint. (Rejection / Emotional turmoil / Panhandling / Search for a place to sleep for take a dump.)

I live in a small rural town of 1000 people, we may be the homeless when we go to a ballgame in the big city. There are homeless, or those in compromised living situations that we'll run across out here, but nothing like an inner city situation.

Thanks for putting your experience in print.

Posted: 2005-06-07 19:20:00

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I just finished reading the book in one day. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time. My husband has two uncles homeless, one deceased died in an alley, and the other in temporary housing from a family member. My husband's brother is also homeless, we feel because he is mentally ill, and never got properly diagnosed nor treated. We haven't seen him in five months and don't know how to get in touch with him. Anyone willing please remember him in prayer this week, as he will be turning 31 on Sunday, and I know he is on our family's mind. (The heat index today was 108) I also am trying to help a woman write a business plan to start a homeless shelter for women and children. Any ideas would be appreciatied. Thanks to Sam and Mike for following God's small still voice and educating us all with their journey.

Posted: 2005-07-25 19:52:00

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What an incredible book. I heard your interview with Dr. Dobson and ordered the book that day. I just received it and finished it in 3 hours. I couldn't put it down. Thank you so much for your willingness to live on the streets so that we can learn from your experience. As soon as I finished reading I told my husband that I was so glad to know how to help the homeless. I have always wondered what I could do. I don't come in contact with homeless often but when I do I so want to help. Thanks for the advice on what to do and what not to do.

You did a great job in communicating your experiences. I felt like I was watching it as you described your daily activities.

My prayer and hope is that we as the church will begin to minister to the homeless and love them as Jesus would.

Posted: 2005-07-26 21:10:00

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Thankyou for stepping off the edge for Jesus. I just finished reading the book and wanted to let you know that it made me rethink my Christian walk. I will be "relentlessly suspicious of my comfortable life" from now on. Thankyou for that. I am a 42 year old Mom of two tenagers, and "Mom" to a host of their friends. My goal is to see all of them come to know Jesus as their Savior, then "step off the edge" with Him. Thanks for writing, and continue on for God.

Posted: 2005-09-10 08:10:00

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i picked up this book and read 185 pages... i wouldn't have even heard of it, except my friend Ian told me about it... he works at Lexington rescue mission...and i guess mike was there last week sometime giving a talk... i am so glad he introduced me to it.. the way you wrote about your experiances really draws your readers deeper into it... i could see that little boy leaning out of his stroller just to glance at you and smile...and i could see pamela, so full of hope and expectation that you would sing for her...it made me apprecaite my bed so much...and once again realize how blessed i am... every moment of joy, moment of pain... every memory and thought and lesson captured in this book and in your soul..will remain there forever, and touch so many lives... I am honored that you chose to share your journey with me...
May God bless you always!!

ps. hope your toe is doing better, new sandels are in the mail! ;)

Posted: 2005-09-23 22:26:00

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yeah, so I finished the book a few days ago, and I am in love with the idea. I have been rolling around the idea of doing the same thing (the chosen homelessness) next summer. And tonight while I was at church, they were talking about letting your imagination and God's imagination collide and see what happens. I am still praying about, it would be really stepping out in faith with God. But I REALLY want to do it. Any feedback on the idea would be greatly appreciated.


Posted: 2005-09-25 19:35:00
God is love

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I just finished the book like 3 hours ago on the way home from a swim meet. I was so inspired. Ive always felt for homless people, I would cry when i was younger when we drove by them, I still feel sad when i do. I feel like its my job now to start a outreach at my church for the homless.
If any one reads this please pray for me to help me help others.

Ryan Garl

Posted: 2005-11-05 22:50:00

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Remarkable and Selfless! I am a 39 year old mother of 3. I have lived suburban comfortable,and on the streets at several different times in my active addiction. The last round, as I call it, I lost my other half to Leukemia and completely lost faith in God and myself. Your book is so on target, and points that you and Sam recognize throughout your journey amazed me. I have been back myself for just over 10 months and still do not or never will take for granted God's blessings of shelter, food, or love. I share experiences hesitantly with others and it is so hard for me to explain the goodness in what society sees as the dregs of our communities. I have been undoubtedly both. These people with nothing them selves will help, share, and protect there own kind. Is that not the motto of the law? The same law that is used to remove these unwanted blemishes from the community. If you do not leave we will call the law? Strange when you think of it. My youngest daughter is 12 I have a son 15 and a daughter now 20. In prison I came to understand that if my purpose in God's world would prove to my own children that the choices of using drugs or alcohol would end them up in places where I have been and never wish for them to go then I was o.k. with that and could now move forward with some better examples for them. Pretty wrong I was again I do not believe it is God's purpose for anyone to suffer alone. I was a lot like Doug in your book wanting a quick recovery from this ultimate bottom that I had arrived at. This journey is slow and hard but possible. Your book connected me with a great inspiration in believing in the goodness of people. Thank you both for being selfless and making remarkable insights into the homeless population. My daughter and I have gathered up all the old backpacks and intend on placing dollar store toiletries in them and handing them out. It does not matter to me whether or not the person uses drugs and alcohol or not as long as they can receive a smile and a moment of hope that life can get better I believe we will have done God's work.

Posted: 2009-03-23 20:19:46

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I just finished the book, one of the best ( if not the best ) I have ever read. Thank you for enlighting us on a major problem all across America. One that most would rather ignore that face. It could be anyone of us out there tomorrow. God bless you for your great work

Posted: 2011-10-28 19:00:27

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thank you for not just doing but embracing the feelings of the homeless i was homeleould do for myself was pray

Posted: 2013-02-17 00:33:31

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Many thanks for writing Under the Overpass! I really enjoyed it and came away inspired to make some changes in my life. I live in Portland (one of the cities you stayed in) and am going to look into volunteering at Sisters of the Road Cafe on one of my days off. I do not call myself Christian (though I was raised reading the KJV bible every night before dinner). My spiritual journey has taken many twists and turns and I'm okay with that. I honor and respect many Christians that I know and I pray to God every day to help me be my best self and to serve others cheerfully and honestly.

Thanks again for a great book. I found it on the seat of a city bus and intend to leave it at a bus stop for the next person to read.

Posted: 2017-02-14 02:23:20

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Just finished the book. Strange you had trouble finding Christians. In the South, Christianity is overwhelming in the homeless.

As an atheist, I have been barred from shelters for not participating in hand-holding prayer, sermons bashing homosexuality and not reverently bowing my head to bless expired food.

Some Christians capitalize on the needy to force their beliefs on a captive audience.

When I help another human, it is because I can discern need and assisting is the moral, ethical thing to do.

Posted: 2018-06-29 13:26:11

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