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In about 18 months, Philippine born Joy Cloud went from being homeless to graduating from Calvary of Albuquerque's School of Ministry.

In a recent interview, Cloud told her story.

Cloud said she was the second born of five children of middle class parents who placed a high premium on education. Cloud and her siblings graduated from a Roman Catholic school in the town where she lived with her family. It was there, Cloud said, she came to know about the Lord.

While in elementary school, Cloud said, she initially wanted to serve God by becoming a nun. When friends talked her out of that Cloud said she opted for nursing, as it was the closest profession she could think of to being a nun. She graduated from college when she was 20, with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. Cloud then became a registered nurse in the Philippines, after passing the required exams.

“My education was the stepping stone to leave the Philippines in 1984 to (head for) England, where I practiced nursing for some years taking care of terminally ill patients,” Cloud said. “I left the profession because I became a nervous wreck. I grieved each time a patient I became attached to died.”

Cloud then enrolled in a two-year secretarial course which she said she finished in six months. Soon after that, she was one of three people hired from 2,000 applicants by an aerospace company. Cloud stayed with the company for some time as a departmental manager's secretary and office assistant.

Life was good, Cloud said, until early 1991 when her brother called from the United States to say her father had suffered a heart attack. Cloud's family had come to America in 1985.

Cloud sold everything she had and moved to America. Then she fell in love and married an American serviceman.

During the marriage, Cloud said she worked as an administrative assistant in a computer repair companies and invested in their stocks. A few years later when the company grew she sold her shares.

“We started our own business and our own corporation, Cloud said. “We bought big toys, like a 49 foot power cruiser boat, a five-seater single engine airplane, and we went (on) lots and lots of vacations.”

However, there was something missing in Cloud's life. She said, “I had everything any person could want, but there still was a great big dark hole inside of me that could not be satisfied. I started to ask myself, ‘Is this all there is to life?' I knew God, and I read the Bible to obey God's commands (about) how to live according to His word. What was wrong with me? What else (was) lacking in my life?”

She was about to find out. One Sunday in Sept. 1997, a friend invited Cloud to church.

“That was my first ‘out-of-the-Roman-Catholic-Church' service,” Cloud said. “The preacher spoke about God's grace, mercy and love through Jesus Christ. I knew, believed and understood everything he said. T

Posted: 2005-06-03 17:08:00

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I have graduated as a Pastoral Student from Bible College and I have experienced being homeless more than once now. Currently I am homeless but I do have a place to stay but it is tecnically not my home, its my sister's house through an inheritance in my family and she is being gracious and letting me stay, I've been in the old house of the family for almost three years now. My health, age 60, has been failing for a long time now and prevents me from getting gainful employment, but soon I am to leave and help my son who has 3 of my 10 grand children, 1 great grandson, and I should be moving to Michigan soon in about 2 months or so. I am truly looking forward to that as food, heat, water etc has been a problem in the old house as well as freezing and leaking old pipes. However, I am not in a cardboard box on the street ane I am ever so greatful for my provisions from God. Thank you so much for reminding me that things actually "could get worse" and for reminding me to always be "thankful in every situation, always giving praise to God for his wonderful gift of his Son Jesus". You have blessed me wonderfully in this book, I've been blessed so beautifully and humbly by it, thank you again. Sincerley, Jeanne Sones, Mishawaka, IN 46545

Posted: 2009-03-03 13:27:22

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