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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Refueling Faithlessness

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God has really used both of you to reach out to people through your...well...craziness. Sam talked with me about the idea about 2 weeks prior to launch and I will say that I was a little weary, but I knew that you were both men of faith and was excited for you to be going on the trip and me staying at home. Your book has changed me and some fellow friends here in Bozeman in a major way. Even through your email updates during your trip, I was astounded. Thank you for giving us all of you in these pages. I appreciate genuinely how much you've stepped it up for God and forgotten about your agenda. I want to say thank you Mike and Sam for doing this for everyone, my perspective has changed immensely just from reading your book and I appreciate your wisdom. I'll see you on the 12th at your wedding. ;)


Posted: 2005-05-11 05:47:00

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I agree!! I was so blessed and convicted by reading this book. I know it was put in my hands directly by God. I had wandered around the local christain bookstore for about 30 minutes, I could not seem to find anything that I really wanted to read (because of course I am so schooled in the ways of God, ha ha). As I was checking out buying those last minute graduation cards I saw this book, I'm not even really sure how I noticed it! It was on the second shelf of a cubed book rack, I picked it up and purchased it with any real thought. I have been involved in homeless ministries and my husband and I call our ministry at our local church the Island of Misfit people ( not to be disrespectful but to describe whom God blesses our lives with). I read this book in 2 days and for this is a miracal! I was so disappointed to see how some of the churches reacted, I realize this is not at all to type cast the churches of America today, however, My hope would be that all are welcome and find rest in the arms of Jesus at all of our churches. I could ramble on forever about this book and how it touched me! I am going to give this to our youth director to share this with the youth of our church, or I'll just go in and talk to the kids myself! Thank you for giving of yourselfs to do the work of Jesus, and thank you for sharing it with me so that I can take your experience and then go and do God's will in my life!

In and Through Christ Jesus
Evelyn L. Herald

Posted: 2005-05-23 16:28:00

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I am so glad the Lord put this book in front of me, I was drawn to it because a friend & I share worship with a small storefront church in Pottstown PA once a month. They mainly minister to homeless & drug addicted people. When we first went there, we didn't know that, so we were shocked initially but now it is like our second home. To hear what some of these people go through is just heart breaking, so to read of your experiences really hit home for me. I also am the father of a boy with autism, so everytime I talk with a homeless person with mental illness, all I see is my son's face. I wonder what would happen to my son if something happened to his mom or me, would he be out here? alone? people not understanding his disability? I truly ache for these people.
When we come back every month, we share with our home church what is needed & what is happening. So many exciting things have happened over the last year, so many people saved from drugs & homelessness, so many people depending on Christ for everything. The prayers they pray, some people would think they were trivial, but they know God provides & they are not afraid to ask, it lifts my soul to see such faithfulness.
I also see but do not understand the type of Christians you guys ran into on your journey, the ones who did not help or care. I see it at my own church, while most are willing & helpful, others would rather not even hear about it, this hurts me also. Jesus thought these people were worth talking to, why don't they?
I would like to thank you & Sam(I feel like I know you guys!) for your suffering, if it opens one blind Christian's eyes it was well worth it. I know it has inspired me to do more & be more caring toward my neighbor.
Thanks for a great read!,
your brother in Christ,
alonzo shoemaker jr

Posted: 2005-05-27 18:36:00
Scott Bjork

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Under the Overpass is an incredible book! I just finished reading it and I must say it has been a long time since I read a book that I could not put down. I have ordered ten copies to share with others. Every pastor needs to read this book, and then recommend it to their congregation.

It has been my joy to be in leadership at a rescue mission for the past five years. Mike's accounts of his experiences are right on target. If Christians only knew the joy we have in serving the homeless and transients that come through our doors each day, we would be overrun with volunteers and churches who would want to partner with us. If Christians would only meet men and women whom God has given victory over crack, weed, alcohol, and crystal meth, they would be excited. Our God is still in the healing business!

Thank you for a great book. I look forward to meeting Mike and Sam someday!

D. Scott Bjork
President & CEO
Memphis Union Mission

Posted: 2005-06-02 14:37:00

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Remember that event you guys discussed in the book about throwing a dinner party for the homeless? Check this out...Dinner Party, Free shopping, Worship, Sermon, all of the Homeless in Oklahoma City, and 800 LifeChurch.tv Volunteers. Its going down this Saturday, November 10th in Downtown Oklahoma City! We'll post pictures!

Posted: 2007-11-08 23:18:15

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I honestly cannot explain what this book has opened up for me. I'm doing speeches on it, devotionals for youth groups, I can't get enough. I don't pass a homeless person on the street without telling them God bless you. My heart has been breaking for them. I can't wait to get plugged in with some sort of ministry or shelter. Thank you for writing a life-changer.

Susanna Deemer

Posted: 2008-02-19 19:13:54

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I read your book You are blessed I lived on the streets for about 5 years in and out of different cities. God and his angels were watching over you mike and sam If you do a movie I can not wait to see it

Thanks for the journey


Posted: 2010-10-03 00:02:12

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After your visit to our Rescue Mininstries a few years ago, I read and enjoyed your book. Doubly enjoyed hearing you again this year. I left Michigan on a journey to Arizona in October, with my 20 yr. old grandson. We were in New Mexico, and I parked my car way to the back where there was a little shade for my dog. Grabbed I bite at McDonalds, and mentioned to grandson that I wanted to watch the car because of the dog (who is really, dearly loved.... the dog I mean). Grandson headed for the mens room, and second later I see some homeless looking men near my car, so I headed right out to check on the dog. They stood around like they were waiting for something, and even though I heard them ask "in God's grace would I have some change", I ignored them. I felt concern for my dog more than them, and angered they would even ask. Woah, did I fail or what? I remembered asking God to use me for His purpose that day. Why was I acting so defensive? After they left, I wanted to give them some money but they had left quickly when my grandson came out to check on me. But mainly, I was angry at myself for the feelings I had against them. Now how is God supposed to use someone who acts like that? I felt I didn't know how to respond. I felt I failed... myself and God. I didn't show my grandson a good Christian way. I need to make up for this somehow. Where to begin? I'm in Glendale/Phoenix and plan on visiting the mission to do some volunteering. I hope God's forgiving me and planning new opportunties for me to do His will and be used for His purpose... A failing...

Posted: 2012-10-21 17:51:20

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