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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Starting a Homeless Day Shelter in Houston

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Your book "Under the Overpass" has been timely, indeed! I just finished reading it tonight as I and other parishioners from my church (St. Dunstan's Episcopal) have stepped out in faith to open a day center for the homeless in Northwest Houston, Tx. My husband is already the CEO of a shelter in downtown Houston, but starting, staffing and serving our homeless brothers and sisters from the very beginning is new to all of us. We have asked for support from area churches of all Christian denominations to join us as one to serve the most vulnerable in our community.We have gleaned much from your book and appreciate your insight into seeing the person beyond the situation. I ask for prayers as we have many homeless in our area who have no services whatsoever nearby. Advice is appreciated as well. Thank you for this amazing book, your selflessness and your courage in serving "the least of these." Peace and blessings,

Debbie Johnson

Posted: 2016-07-13 23:37:53

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