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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Care Stockings For the Homeless

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Hi Mike and Sam,

I want to let you know that I read your book after finding it in a box at a clothing drive. I then took inspiration from it and created an annual campaign called "Care Stockings for The Homeless". It is a campaign where we solicit money and items to fill christmas stockings with daily necessities (soap, toothpaste, etc) and a few extras and then we gift these stockings to our homeless at our city mission. This year was the first year for this and we raised enough funds to afford 230 stockings. Like your book, this project was also inspiring to me and I crave to do more. God is good.

I also decided to take my free book and donate it again as well. I thought the best way to start it on it's journey was to leave it in a public place with the following note:12/14/15

Hi there! You are the new owner of this awesome and inspiring book (hopefully for only a short time-will explain later) so congratulations! My name is Chris Booe and I origionally found this book in a box at a clothing drive. I thought it looked like a good read so I took it home. The story in this book is very gut-wrenching but yet inspirational. It shows that God has a plan for everybody out there no matter who you are or what your status in life is. Mainly because of this book I was inspired to create a campaign called “Care Stockings For The Homeless” and with the help of many friends, we were able to buy at least 230 christmas stockings and fill them with daily necessities (shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc) along with a few extras to give to our homeless population so that they may have a more cheerful christmas. In a few days we will be passing these stockings out at our local mission. I will be excited to see the people's face when they receive our gift and see the impact we made.

Now, there is a mission for you as the new owner of this book. I would like you to read it and if you feel inspired, please do something extraordinary to help out our homeless population. It can be big or small. It can be as simple as buying lunch for a homeless person to organizing a project such as mine.

When you are done with that please write (or type) a note like mine and insert it in this book like I did,

then leave the book in a public place so that someone else may pick it up and hopefully “pay it forward” by becoming inspired to do something.

Congratulations again and happy holidays to you, new owner!

God Bless,

Chris Booe


We will see what happens. Thank you for the awesome and inspiring book and for the work you do, Mike and Sam!

God bless,


Posted: 2015-12-14 12:27:20

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