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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Shower to the people

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This is the unofficial name of the Ministry started by my friend about 7 years ago. He had approached me with the idea of pulling a 5th wheel trailer to give showers to the homeless at churches where they served meals. I had been neutral to the idea as I wondered what he was getting himself into. He pulls the trailer to two locations and I joined his team to work on Wednesday evenings in the tough part of town. I've been doing this regularly for the last 5 years and with both locations, he has provided showers to over 7500 homeless or needy people....Praise the Lord. Many are regulars that we look forward to seeing each week and listening to them tell about their week. We get to know them personally and on a first name basis. We provide new underwear, socks and a clean but recycled T-shirt and some clothes as we get in through donations. It is not easy dealing with them but the rewards are a blessing and it keeps me coming back each week.

When our friends don't show up for their weekly shower, I begin to wonder about them. I pray each day for them...those who I know and those who i will meet in the near future. I pray that what we do will somehow inspire them to leave the world that they are trapped in and a few have made it out, but it takes a lot of effort on their part to make it out of the trap that they are all in. We rejoice with them when they come back to thank us for what we are doing....but on the other hand, we hear stories of those who we'll never see again. That is a sobering time and we do more as we are able to those who do come out.

I haven't kept a journal of each week, never really thought about it, now I wish I had. The fights, the knife brought out, the children we helped, the young couples....I could write a book. But we offer a shower, a kind smile, a friendship and a safe place for them to come and get cleaned up.....it's what Frank has nick named Shower to the People. We serve a Loving and Kind God and I do it to honor Him and not myself. Thanks for writing down your journey through life on the street...it is an eye opening book, and yes, I can relate from my perspective all that you wrote.

Posted: 2015-08-20 13:30:59

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