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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Inward Treasures

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First and foremost, I will have to say that this book was absolutely phenomenal! This book was actually my husbands and when I read the cover the words 'A Journey of

faith...' jumped out at me. For I too have been on a journey that required me to replace my steps of fear with faith. In any event from the time my son was about 3 years old (he is 11 years old now) we could never pass a homeless person and not give them any money. We have spoken as a family about either volunteering our time during thanksgiving to serve those in need, or simply buying socks and hats during the frigid months in Toronto and go downtown and distribute them...to say the least we had never gotten around to doing so. However it was always in my mind about fulfilling this service some day. So to say the least this has been rested on my heart for years, for whenever i would see a homeless person....i always felt like i should be doing more and could do more. Then I stumble upon your book, and I won't lie that I have creased the pages that spoke to me (which is a lot). The ways that I have been feeling towards the issues of homelessness were presented in your book and prompted me to look at the latter with a critical more compassionate eye. Just last week I saw a man downtown in the morning laid out flat on his back, with his arms and legs sprawled out...and no one stopped to his aid. Everyone continued walking as if it were to be the norm. As I passed him i remember thinking that our society has become so cold and bitter. i felt guilty because i too passed him. Although i wanted to i did not. After my appointment i saw the same man in the same location, however now he was lying on his side. i decided to ask him if he required any help, and if he was okay. His response was that he was, yet i knew that this was not the case. i still think of him. There was another gentlemen who sat at a corner and although i could tell that he was pan handling ... i smiled at him and said good morning. His response was for me was "Bless you' as he returned a smile. I remembered your book and the time when you and Sam were seated on the concrete and there was a young family, i believe the father was pushing his child in the stroller and how their were oblivious to you, yet the child (who was eye level to you) continuously smiled and waved. I felt that although i was not able to give this man any money...that the smile was well appreciated. I was alway an individual who wrapped my ideas, thoughts and head around issues pertaining to social justice, but homelessness is speaking heavy to my heart. I have been giving more and its like my eyes are open wide to the atrocities within our city. I developed a youth program a few years ago, however the seed that was planted in my heart and soul when our son was 3 years old to help the homeless, i believe will manifest into a program where we will continue to help the homeless through meals that will be prepared by us. I am most excited about this! God bless you and thank you for writing this book about your journey regarding faith. I am a teacher by profession and 2 years ago i was in a serious car accident, and it has been some journey...i used to write my thoughts to my experiences...i am working on a book right now...the first chapter is a journey of a thousand miles...so thank you for inspiring me to delve into my inner soul about issues of social justice, thank you for allowing me to reevaluate my faith and to allow me to grow closer to my God.

Posted: 2012-07-14 19:04:45

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