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Category: Testimonies
Topic: What God is doing in me

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I want to thank you for writing this book. Recently, God has laid it on my heart to begin a street ministry. It's been a struggle getting it to start, because I live in a small city. People laugh and say there is no homeless people where we live. I am working with the Family Services Director from the Salvation Army (which is my home church btw) and hopefully a couple people in the community. It was while I was at a mom and tots camp with my two youngest daughters that I came across your book. I am in the process of getting the devotional book that you have to go with this book. I really have to admit, this book changed how I feel about myself even. It has moved me, and opened my eyes to what the homeless have to go through. I have underlined sections in my book that I intend to go back and read over. I will read it all again, but a lot of things stuck out, things that will certainly help when we finally get this ministry going.

So I want to thank you again. You did what God called you to do, and I am doing what He's called me to do. By you doing what was called of you, I have more insight!

Posted: 2011-08-28 23:50:28

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