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Category: Testimonies
Topic: crazy coincidence :) and thanks

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i wanted to say first thank you so much to Mike for writing this book. I really have learned so much from it and its taught me how to view the world and the people in it differently. Its truely inspiring to me. It's my third time reading it and I still get diferent views and insight out of it everytime. Yesterday while reading it after csaps my teacher came up to me and said she had Mike as a student in my school. It was one of the coolest moments and it brought up good conversation about the book and how great it is. It was a great coincidence but even better a gift from God to share about my faith. IT WAS SO COOL!!! Just thought I'd share what God did even through just someone seeing me read a book :) It shows how God can use the little things in life to make a HUGE diference. THANKS!!!

Posted: 2011-03-02 18:40:17

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