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Category: Testimonies
Topic: One of the best books EVER

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I read this book in just a few weeks. This is something amazing for me as I am normally a 'slow' reader having been diagnosed with ADD & ADHD in childhood and adulthood. Very few books can capture my heart and attention as Mikes book did. I agree with the whole book and everything Mike and Sam did in the mission to understand "The Least of These". I commend Mike and Sam both on braving the streets. I know it is NOT easy. For I have not ever been on the streets myself but at worst, I have slept/lived in a car and abandoned buildings. For that was my own chosen experience when I was 17-19 and I chose drugs over God at the time. No, I was NOT homeless but since I was not getting along with my parents and I owned a car, I chose to run away from home to live in my car sometimes b/c I was high. I would sneak into my parents home while they were at work to get a daily shower and wash the same clothes I wore day after day. I wanted to appear as I was homeless so I would not get robbed for I had secretly many bills in my pockets. That is why I wore the same clothes each day. I would make food at my parents house. Just a sandwich and drink and put on the same clothes on that just got out of the dyer. I was always clean since I fear or have a psychosis of being dirty. I told people I lived in my car and I sold drugs and panhandled to get gas for the car and food to eat. I also was asked why I always smelled so good of shampoo and soap. I lied and said I sometimes crashed at friends apartments but they always let me in for a daily shower. I was told I got away with that lie b/c I was petite girl and that's why I got let into apartments to shower. I lived a lie but I did get a feel for the streets. I DID sleep in an old abandoned church with a group of kids who told me they were 'squatters' because they slept in vacant buildings. I also spent many nights and days in many of Dallas' vacant buildings in the Deep Ellum area. Well, the time I got sober was 2 weeks before I turned 20 as I turned to God and prayed, I got sober and started reading books about the homeless. This lead me to be the person who married a man named David Timothy who feeds "The Least of These" and goes by the motto of "Feed My Sheep" as Jesus says. I now work along side the SoupMan at the SoupMobile feeding, clothing and now sheltering the homeless. Mike, I think you should meet David and I sometime. I know we all have a lot in common. If you feel lead by the Lord, you can email us at www.soupmobile.org God Bless you. I look forward to reading your new book.

Posted: 2011-02-18 14:46:02

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