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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Inspired Atheist

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Frank M

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As a decided non-believer reading a book by a Christian about his quest to strengthen and answer some questions about his faith is honestly not at the top of my to-do list. I've sat through what feels like a couple hundred thousand sermons to remember and all the Christians in my life also serve as a reminder as to what you guys are about. But when my mother-in-law told me about you and your book I decided I would read it and did so the very next day.

From your account you seem like an honest and thoughtful man, a person of strong-mindedness and integrity that makes me take definite notice despite any difference in beliefs we may have. Though I don't believe that God exists, I do believe that your inclination to be led by Him has served as a great catalyst to many great things. It is refreshing to see religiosity lead people to do some good instead of cause destruction. It was a helpful little reminder that while Christians often frustrate me, Christ still has substance and his teachings wisdom. I think this book has inspired me to look outside of myself for wisdom and has left me more willing to look to the teachings of figures such as Christ, the Buddha, Laozi, etc.

Also, it has left me convicted that I should do more for the homeless, although I live in a small town which lacks any of the truly thriving homeless communities that you describe. This could only mean that the homeless in my small town are truly lost, lonely souls without many peers to network or share experiences with. One thing is for sure, I might not be hitting the streets with a 3 dollar sleeping bag any time soon, but the next time I see a homeless man or woman I will pay much more attention.

Thank you.

Posted: 2011-01-06 08:48:34

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I think it's awesome that you got inspiration and willingness to pay positive attention to the homeless after reading Mikes book.

Posted: 2011-02-18 14:48:46

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