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Category: Testimonies
Topic: the call of a lifetime

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First, I want to thank you Mike for writing the journey you and Sam had down in your book. I have been personally growing in my faith the last couple years and I really feel the Lord calling me to do something more with my faith. After I read the back of your book, I knew I wanted it and that it would help me grow. When I finally got it, it only took me two days to read. I was moved by your journey, the (unfortunately) few Christians who helped you along the way, and the messages you had in the midst of your journey. It was a learning experience for me in all honesty, and I'm finding greater trust in the Lord, a louder calling for my life, and a mindset that I hope never leaves me and will only grow with what the Lord leads me to do in the future.

You inspired me to finally finish a letter to my parents in reference to how I've grown and why I don't address them. (Which they didn't understand, but I am going to give this to the Lord and allow Him to work in my heart before I try and address them on my own terms. My mom and dad are going to read the book though!) I am also going to Western Michigan University next year as well and I was not completely set on it, but I talked to a strong Christian on Christmas Eve, who really encouraged me, and then I realized that there is a Kalamazoo Rescue Mission. I had looked up last fall your speaking schedule because I already worked on the devotional you had written because of your book. I really wanted to attend it, but I couldn't. I finally realized what the Rescue Mission meant and I feel more encouraged with what the Lord plans to do with me through college.

Even as I write this I am reminded of my perception of different religions and practices. I now feel so driven with a cause that I didn't even know about or understand until I read your book: Rescue Missions.

Your book extends to far more than the people who read it. It challenges Christians to live a life called from the Lord, a life reaching out to people, a life of love. When I finished your book one of the things that I know I will never forget, aside from the overall meaning, was how you finished with the thought about loving your neighbor as yourself. I now know that means reaching out to everyone I come in contact with: those with much or those with little. I take care of myself, now I can help other people take care of themselves. God is so powerful, and I am so thankful that He had allowed me to grow. I'm so glad He led me to your book. It really is life-changing.

What I have to do next is decide whether I am going to answer "the call of a lifetime." I know no other answer but yes.

Thank you for letting the Lord lead you on such a hard journey and for opening yourself to share this journey with others. I pray the Lord's continued blessings over you and other people whose lives you have touched: those joining the call, those still on the streets, and those who helped you along the way.

This is a movement that can be touched and felt by many. Thank you for touching my heart, in more ways than you'll know, and allowing me to be changed. God speaks, sometimes only in subtle ways, but you have helped me hear His call. I know I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me.

Thank you Mike, and send my thanks to Sam. God bless both of you.

Posted: 2010-01-09 21:07:06

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