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Category: Testimonies
Topic: math 25:26

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Thanks Guys. I needed the book. It would be great to

talk with you. I heard God on Haight St. A friend put me up in

the Red Vic. It was gift for staying with me.

Return to 911 Rescue to do thanksgiving awesome.

I had Neuro Surgery doing all the right stuff. This was my chose.

How much the Church does not know. A few met who have Epelepsy living on

the street. I have done much more. On the System also My sight .http://debbyruppert.com/

Iaim healed yet I deal with stuff. So much more we as a church can do.

I ride a B M X. Use gift cards. know where the squats are. Where to get medical help.

Where to go for a bath. Then the agencies. Iaim living it.

We can all learn from your Boldness. I just thankyou.

Posted: 2009-12-25 14:47:21

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