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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Undertaking Similar Journey

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Over the last few weeks I've come to realize I'm to take a similar journey for somewhat similar reasons. For me, it's the realization that if I'm to be or accomplish what I know God is calling me to, there is a need for humility and intense love of others, that I currently largely lack. So this journey is sort of my bootcamp to break me of my comfort and train back up.

While I was familiar that the book existed, I decided not to read it until after I had at least a rough version of my own plan in place. Having done so and just finishing the book (in one afternoon), I'm both encouraged and reassured. I'm also hoping to start in a shelter environment, though I never considered a recovery program, which is an interesting option. While Mike and Sam went to larger cities I'm looking at medium-sized, 150K-300K population.

The major thing that aside from being an encouragement that I'm not totally crazy, is now the concern that I may have overlooked the immense value of having a partner in this journey, which isn't part of the plan. Just one month till I depart, so not sure if that will fall into place. But of course...God willing, we know it can.

All in all, thank you.

Posted: 2009-02-15 19:08:44

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I think it amazing to see so many people with such a heart for humanity. My kids (12 &15) are in a youth group that has decided to forgo summer camp and take a mission trip instead. We are all going as families to Myrtle Beach, SC to a hotel that hosts mission weeks for youth groups.

Overwhelmingly, the youth chose to minister to the homeless as there trip. After reading the book, I am requiring my kids to read it before we go, just so they will see that anyone can end up homeless and they are not second class citizens. Remember, you may be entertaining angels unawares.

Posted: 2009-05-09 11:36:40

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Hi, I could not start a new category so I will just post on this one. My name is Nicole I have recently read Under the Overpass and was impreesed by the two men who undertook this journey. I have been saved for a little over one year now but, before that I was a heroine addict(among other things)who lived on the streets I accepted Jesus Christ in a homeless shelter in Lancaster Pa, in February of 2008. I am now what they call a ministry intern at that very same mission. God has done extrodinary things in my life in the past year. Things even beyond what I could have ever dreamed. At the begining of the book Mike wrote "From the begining sam and I understood that we would not actually be homeless we would only be travelers-because any time we wished we could leave the streets and go home" I want to state that for me someone who lived on the streets, ate out of garbage cans longed for clean clothes and a secure place to sleep that this is exactly why your book has moved me so much. You could have gone home at any time yet you did not. I do not feel the call to go on the journey you have walked but I wonder if God asked would I return to that lifestyle. It would be different, I was not homeless as a christian I was homeless as a very lost junkie but would I take that leap of faith. I do not know that I could do that. It just really challenged me to look at some things. I was saddened by the way that the body of Christ responded to the two of you but gratefull that you exposed it. Hopefully some of the people who overlooked you as christians have read your book and been challenged also. I was also saddened by one of the testimonies I read on here it is from 2005 but the man (or woman) who posted it said that it changed his perspective that he sees that not everyone on the streets is looking for a hand out or a fix and he began to be open to sharing the gospel (I am paraphasing). I want to suggest as I believe Under the Overpass also suggests that we are to share the love of Christ with all homeless I for one am forever in debted to the people who did not give up on me when I was kicked out of the mission for using. Instead when I came back a few months later more broken and desperate that ever. They showed me the love of Christ and God's grace. Whether you get there because you lose your job or because you are a junkie God says in His word that He does not want any to parish. The Lord wants us all, every last one to hear of His love. So share it with the begger who just wants to eat and the prostitute who needs a fix they all need the love of Christ just the same.

Posted: 2009-05-18 09:59:21

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