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I started reading your book at midnight last night and finished 30 minutes ago, the following midnight. I couldn't put it down. I've never had a book that made me laugh out loud at some point and cry with bitterness toward the Church...especially not sitting in a crowded coffee shop. So rarely do I stumble across a book that has instigates so much discomfort in me.

Currently, I am working at a church in Wisconsin as an intern, heading up their collegiate local impact team. We have been praying and asking for months now about how to encourage college students to step out of their comfort zones and question their stewardship of what God has graciously given them.

The student leader of the team and I rode home recently for Thanksgiving and listened to a message from the Externally Focused Church conference by Rick McKinnley. We were so excited after the hour and a half drive home that we could hardly contain ourselves. And this book has officially pushed me over the edge.

Working with my team and praying for creativity has been a beautiful experience. And reading this book has given me real and practical ways that we can start to get creative in our community.

We are SO excited to see what God does in our hearts and in our community. In our brokenness, we find that the love of Christ is nothing that we deserve and because of this, we desire more than anything else to show His love to people.

Thank you to both of you for your challenge and for being willing to step out and cast vision for the rest of us.

You have challenged me in my personal life as well as my prayers for my team.

Posted: 2008-12-08 01:15:39

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