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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Inspirational... I totally can relate to the Author.. in a way most people can't.

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So I'm only 61 pages through this book and I've read that much in two settings.. on the city bus and waiting for my physical therapy to begin.. I'm thankful for Mike and Sam's courage to do this project...

As a young person I have been homeless three times in my life. I'm a senior in college and I have learned that if you have nothing but God you will still make it. I've put myself through school being homeless I only can give God the credit for that one...

When i was a senior in high school, I experienced homelessness for the first time in my life. I grew up living in poverty. I didn't have what other kids had. I tried to get help the first time I became homeless. I was a senior in high school determined to make it to graduation. i slept on the streets in parks. I ate ketchups sandwiches twice a day. I couldnt' afford much besides a bottle of ketchup and a sandwich. i went to school, I got free lunches so what I didn't eat a lunch I saved for later that day. The only things I owned were in the locker at school. It often became jammed with books and clothes and a few other hygeine products.. I took showers in the school's locker rooms. It wasn't until an investigation of abuse with my father that anyone found out I was homeless. Even then the police told me if I quit high school that they would put me up in a shelter for young teens about an hour away. I declined there offer. I had rather finish high school than move away from my small town.. I tried to get in the local shelter in the town but they turned me away because I did not have children nor was I pregnant..

I made it through that stage in my life and moved to Canton, Ohio to go to Malone College. which is now a University. I lived on campus my first year then I moved off campus due to financial reasons.. I found out if your poor you can get a lot of grants to go to school.. I think that's how I've made it this far depite some loans.. anyway during my sophomore year of college my father went to prison.. my brother became an alcholic and I had to move out of the situation which ended up causing me to be homeless once again..

I was going to move in with this family from my church and the moment they found out I had a blood disorder things changed... At first they critized me because I was sick and they want a sick person living with them.. my blood disorder is not contagious it's just a genetic disorder.. then they told me I needed to quit school because I was homeless and people who are homeless shouldn't educate themselves... I felt like the people in the church didn't understand the message of preaching the good news to the poor instead they treated them like they weren't even human... like being poor was like having a disease..

so after many people in the church prayed for me to quit college I ended up leaving the church.. I didn't go to church for almost six months. In that six months I tried to kill myself twice. I felt that I had too many problems in my life for God to love me or take care of me. I ended up finding a place to live. I got in this program called the Genesis program in May of 2007. It's a christian program that helps young girls who are homeless get their life back on track.. I worked hard to get my life on track.. Before I got in the program i stayed in a shelter called the YWCA for about five weeks. It was a hard experience for me but I made it through with God's help..

I spent a year and half in the program and then God told me it was time to move on.. my experiences being homeless have brought me closer to God.. I've learned what it trully means to trust in God. While I was in the Genesis program I got plugged into an amazing church called SHiloh.. It was a bridge that God gave me to lead me to where I am now. I went there after my second overdose in 2007 and the people vwere so loving.. They didn't condemm me because I lived in subsidized housing or that I overdosed.. They prayed blessings over my life and I'm thankful....

Anyway after telling you all this I wanted to let you know that your story really has blessed me so far. Knowing that Christian like you got to experience similiar things that I have is huge blessing to me... To see that someone is willing to challenge themselves and their faith to find out what's it like to trully be homeless and to understand what that world is like is huge..

I have learned that Christians don't take the idea of homelessness seriously and even non christians.. People ignore the poor and homeless.. I hear in the news all the time of homeless people getting stabbed or killed for being homeless its' so sad.. Homeless people are God's children to and it makes me so mad because people think if you're homeless it's because you've done something bad or you're a drug addict or alcholic..That's not true some people make themselves homeless to help themselves... i know that was one thing I did twice to save myself..

i look forward to reading the rest of your book.. i wish I could meet you and tell you more of my story but I know life is busy.. I believe you spoke at my university a couple weeks ago.. A friend told me about your book and it's been a blessing so far..

Posted: 2008-11-21 20:41:51

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Hi Alleyie,

I'm so sad to hear about your experiences with those so called Christians in your past - I too have my own story and can relate to plenty of what you said - sadly.

But through it all I too have come to know Jesus as my Saviour and I would not change anything. I LOVE who I am in Christ, what He has done, where He has me in life, struggles and all I thank Him, like you I'm a stronger person and have a closer relationship with Him.

May God continue to send Godly people your way, continue to use you and what He has done in your life to reach others. Oh and keep up the good job with your education, that is one area I still need to work on :-) God Bless you.


Posted: 2009-07-14 16:21:57

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