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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Serving our own people

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I just finished my copy of Under The Overpass and found it to be a very moving religious experience. It really put meaning into Christ's words about caring for our brothers and sisters.

I and my wife have been active in church work and community work for many years and last year had the opportunity of joining a group from Habitat in Mississippi, rebuilding from the effects of Katrina. While we were there we volunteered to work in a soup kitchen. As I read the book it brought back vivid memories of the people we served that day in Mississippi. My heart is "softer" now that I had that experience and the book gave me a better insight into the sad conditions that the poor and homeless in this country suffer. I no longer will judge why they are in their situation but will now just try and relieve their suffering as much as I am able to do so.

This past July we saw on 60 minutes a special on RAM which stands for Rural Area Medical. You can find information about it on their website but the short of it is that they provide free medical, dental and vision care to those people who ask for it because of need. Many of these people may have insurance but insurance doesn't cover in most cases dental or vision. I'm a retired optometrist and when I saw their special I sent an e-mail to see how I could get involved. I received a call the next day asking when we could come. We went to our first mission in Tenn. in August and in those two days over 775 people were seen in the clinic. We also went again in October and plan on going again in January.

I pray everyday that God would lead me to where he wants me to serve him and I think now he has answered my prayers by getting us involved with RAM.

I know there are needs all over the world but for those of us who prefer not to travel too far from the comforts of our homes we can find plenty to do to serve our brothers and sisters in the good old USA.

Thank the Lord for all those people who organize the countless mission trips abroad and at home.

Another point on the book. In our community we really don't have homeless people living on the streets but in the past I have encountered these in cities I have visited. My usual comment was to say under my breath "go to Mac Donald's and get a job" rather than giving them money. In the book Mike suggest that instead of money we give them a gift card or buy them a take out meal.. Great idea. I plan to get a few Mac Donald cards just to have when the opportunity arrives.

Posted: 2008-10-30 20:41:28

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