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I just wanted to say that this book was amazing. I had to read it for a missions trip that my church was taking with our jr highers. I have been leading in our youth group for 4 years and have done over 15 missions trips to various parts of the United States and Mexico. Our jr highers have been traveling to Memphis,TN to work at a Rescue Mission/Homeless shelter for the past 3 years. God really moved this most recent trip down there. I attribute that fact to many things but one being the work that God did through this book in the hearts of those going on the trip.

Usually when we go on these trips, we feel like the men we meet are embarrassed and would rather not talk to us about what has landed them in the rescue mission. We worship in the same room as them but seat separately from them, trying not to make them too comfortable. Or as least that is what we thought we were doing. We were so wrong. When we got down there and was getting ready for the first worship service, I encouraged our group to spread out in the sanctuary so we could offer and kind greeting and get to really know these men that God had placed at the mission for the week we were there. I told them to be open to how God would use them and to just be good listeners to the stories that they would hear. God blessed us do greatly that week. Usually we would come home and know a couple of the names of the men that were siting in the pews, after that week, I am humbled to say that we KNEW around 50 men. We knew their stories, and they knew ours. It was an awesome experience to witness God work in such miraculous ways. These men will never leave our prayers. The jr highers have a fire for God that is pushing them to reach out to those in their own communities.

Thank you for writing this book and having God use it to bless those of us in Kent, OH and in Memphis, TN.


Posted: 2008-06-25 11:49:07

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Thank you for sharing that testimony. The thing that struck me most through the book was that these homeless people need eye contact, conversation, a feeling of value. You did terrific! And I'm growing. Thank you for the encouragement.


Posted: 2008-07-22 19:13:22

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