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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Sandwich Day - "After reading Under The Overpass"

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Tuesday 9/11/07

Sandwich Day...looks like it will be every Tuesday until God says different. This Tuesday, Rick and I took a sack of sandwiches at lunchtime and set out to feed the homeless. The overpass at Howard Lane was our first stop. I will never be the same.

His name is Randy - dirty nasty guy sitting under the overpass - a beer sitting beside him next to the package of Buglar tobacco. His fingers were yellow from rolling / smoking the cigarettes.

Rick introduced us as Bikers for Christ and asked if he would like a sandwich. Naturally, Randy said yes. I then asked him if he was a believer. His answer was a huge NO! He then proceeded to say that he is a FAITH person.

For about the next 30 minutes Rick and I listened to a sermon on faith that any pastor would only hope to be able to deliver. I didn't flinch at what it must have looked like as we sat under the overpass and listened to Randy preach loudly and passionately over the noise of the traffic. Tears filled my eyes as Randy proclaimed that even demons believe. He quoted scripture flawlessly and made sure we understood that belief will get you to the cross but faith has to take you beyond it. This is a man who lives faith.

I first walked up carrying my bag of sandwiches with my Jesus flyer...thinking I was going to spread the Word...I left knowing without a doubt that I had just had a divine appointment with God. I wonder if John the Baptist looked kinda like Randy. I wonder if John the Baptist came to town today...would the church medicate him and diagnose him as bipolar?

I don't have time to go into detail about the next guy at the intersection of Breaker Lane. His name is James...he has a dog name Samara who wears sun glasses...a cool top hat...and shirt and vest. Both, James and the dog were very hungry. We were thanked and told "God Bless You." They had finished the sandwiches before Rick and I got back to the truck. You know...not many folks tell me "God Bless You" throughout my day...but James did.

The last stop before getting back to work was a campsite near Wells Branch Parkway ... the folks were not there at the time...the site was filthy...blankets on the ground trying to dry out from the rain this morning. Rick left the remaining sandwiches with a Biker for Christ flyer for when they returned. It blesses me to imagine them finding the next meal.

God has made it very clear to me...that it is none of my business why these people are hungry. I am to feed them. The funny part so far is that they are feeding me. Like I said, I will never be the same and I thank God for it.

From Rick - My take -

You never have any ideas who you are going to meet. ALL people should be approached with a very open mind. We should learn that all judging should be avoided. Randy was a Gulf War Vet. He was very knowledgeable and articulate. He was very much in tune with the world. He was living free. Free from everything, counting on God to supply everything he might need in his life. His knowledge of the Bible was incredible as well as his interpretation.. He gets in at the very root. The barbarian way.

James seemed like a very gentle soul. He seemed smart and was articulate. He was searching for "Good people" to be around. He was on a journey back to St. Augustine FL where he said the people were nice and the living was easy. He loved his dog! As the case with every homeless person I have ever helped he said "God bless you" it is always awesome to know they know Him.

Both these men had far ranging limits. One goes back and forth between Austin and Dallas. The other was on his way back to Florida. They think nothing of going across the country with only what they can carry. Reminds me of someone else that walked everywhere with only what they could carry.

Posted: 2007-09-16 21:06:02

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