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Category: Testimonies
Topic: You have officially inspired me to try agian

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This past Tuesday a buddy and me left from just South East of Louisville Ky hoping to reach the West Coast with in a few months. About this time last year we both were fed up with the hustle and bustle of life and were fed up with what we saw in the modern church. We decided to take a break from school and hitchike around the country for a while. So for the next 10 months of so I spent time preparing myself physically and mentally for my journey, I even took a job teaching Backpacking at a Centrifuge camp to get experience living in the wild (not to mention watching as much survivorman as I could) We got a tent, a couple external frame backpacks, packed clothes, survival gear, sleeping bags, and tons of other stuff in our packs and left.

My mission was simple. To see if I had the faith I claimed, and to remove the insullation of self reliance I had built up, and allow God to preform miracles.

Two days later on the porch of a church in St Croix In, after we had walked 2 hrs in the rain, I looked around at all my "stuff" that was scattered about drying out and thought, "Why do I need this stuff, where is the faith in carrying 2 months of clothes and enough food to feed a village. My cell phone and gps." I felt God was telling me to leave the crap behind. The mission was great but I was unable to continue. I couldn't leave my comfort and security, and to keep it meant it was pointless to go on, I would only prove I could survive, not that God could sustain.

You have officially inspired me to try agian. Not anytime soon, but after I spend sometime hanging out downtown and seeing the people God loves. After God hsa grown great faith in me.

Posted: 2007-09-11 03:43:46

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