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I read this book sitting in a flat in Jerusalem, where I was staying with some friends for a few days. A short walk away from my neighborhood was a huge pedestrian mall, called Ben Yehuda. At night, when everything opens up, the beggars come out with their little plastic cups, and walk around to all the tourists, asking for money. Under their tattered, dirty clothes, many of these beggars bear tattoos from their time in the concentration camps in Germany. After surviving such inhumanity, made worse by the indifference of the world to their plight, they are again faced with blank stares, averted eyes, closed hands. Is this human? Is this okay? It is so easy to look the other way. Too easy. And yet, the narrow road is almost never the easy way out. So, what? Do you honestly deny yourself that coffee, that frozen yoghurt, and drop those coins into a plastic cup? Is this how we change the world, really? Then what happens? They eat a meal. Has your self-sacrifice done anything else? What you gave, it provides only for a day, then it's gone. GO BACK. That's what. That's how the world is changed.

Posted: 2007-04-10 22:07:00

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