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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Homeless in church

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I read your book in January and loved it. I live in Colorado and go to a small church in Golden. There is not a big homeless population here. Last Sunday at church I noticed a homeless man at the service in the back of the church. The holy spirit kept nudging me that I was to help him. In my mind I kept thinking someone from the church was going to help him. At the end of the service I watched to see what the clergy would do. I lost track of him and thought he was being assisted. 10 minutes later I walked outside and saw him walking down the street. Again the holy spirit was nudging me to help, but I wasn't sure what to do. My family and I loaded into the car and started driving home. Isaw him again and finally followed the holy spirit. I drove up to him and asked if he needed help. He started telling me his story, said he was hungry and could use a meal. He said his favorite restaurant was Burger King and there was one a block away. I met him there, bought him lunch, and talked to him about going to a shelter. For whatever reason he said the shelters were giving him the run around. Then he said I just came from church and nobody spoke to me. I said I saw you in church and that is why I am here.

It struck me that our church clergy didn't speak to him for whatever reason, but then I thought maybe that wasn't there calling that day maybe it was mine.

I wouldn't have listened to the holy spirit that day if I hadn't read your book. Prior to reading your book I sympathized with the homeless, but kept my distance. That is starting to change. I feel compelled to do more and it is being revealed to me slowly.

Thank you for sharing your experience

Posted: 2007-04-07 05:00:00

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we are all homeless
heaven with jesus is our home
think about that

Posted: 2007-05-01 20:40:00

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