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Topic: Some thoughts

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Are you walking like Jesus today or are you just walking?

"The words Jesus loves you take on a whole different meaning when youre down and out. You hear them differently. You need them more. Just saying them to the next desperate person you meet could change his day. Wrap those words in friendship, a home-cooked meal, bus fare, and you could change his life." from Under the overpass p. 155

This book is an encouragement, everyone should read it. It reminds me of how God has changed me through my coming to know him. In this book, the author talks about being invisible, despised, and disrespected during the six months he gave up everything to live on the streets. Four years ago, I would have been the one doing the ignoring. Out of sight out of mind. My family never had much money, yet I had no compassion for those who had less than me or were even in similar situations. I did not want to sympathize with anyone. ME. MY FAMILY. that's it.

But since then, I have come to know God as a result of Him changing my heart and starting a work to perfect me. Don't get me wrong, I'm still selfish, but with God's help, that part of me is beginning to parish. In the process of realizing my sins and repenting for the first time, I gained a love for the poor, needy, and invisible people of society. Not because they need to eat or have a place to stay, but because they need to know Jesus. They need to know that He loves them so much, so much so that He serves them, and on top of serving them, He died so that they may live. God is amazing because He is the one who strengthens people. Yeah...I like to volunteer and help people, but that's because that is God's will for me. To be honest, I never would have chose to serve or go to school to gain skills to serve people if it were of myself. I used to always say to myself "people are stupid". Now I say "People are lost and need to be saved". Nothing comes from me, to Him be the glory. And even when I stumble, He is there and forgives me. And it's not that kind of forgiveness that we as humans know....you know the kind... it's the yeah, I forgive you, but I'm still going to hold it against you in some way/shape/form. I know I've done that one too much and still do it(thankfully not quite as much). God's forgiveness surpasses our understanding because we are so enveloped by the darkness of sin, that we are blind to true forgiveness and its unmatchable value.

Posted: 2007-03-21 01:59:00

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What a wonderful and eye-opening book. Thank you for giving me ideas and the strength to help those who seem difficult to help. God Bless You in all you do.

Posted: 2010-10-21 16:12:23

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