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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Compassion.. and a heck of a month

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Well let me start by saying I suck at being compassionate.. when i see a homeless guy on the street the first thing that pops into my head is "well he deserves it, the crack moron!".. at least used to think that.. that all has changed in the past month.. it all started out when i went for a week to jamaica, to build a def school. So i went for the kids? that was nice of me! no i wish thats why i went.. i really went because amaerica sucks when its cold, and its ninety down there, and also for the fellowship of the other guys and gals in my church.. but coming back from that week really changed things for me. i mean, i lived a heck of alot differently after seeing the poverty! but i was bound to come down off my missions trip high (it only lasts a week.. and thats if your lucky). but then i saw this book.. looked kinda dumb actually haha but interesting enough ( ok i was just bored when i bought it ) but i bought it is the point.. now this will probably tell you how good your book is: Friday i woke up at 9 AM and went to work.. the next day at 2 PM i came home from work (long story) then i had to go to church until 8 PM. Then when i got back home, i picked up your book, and read it all night until i had to go to church! my mind has not stopped thnkin of ways i could help since then.. ive been rounding up my old clothes, my friends old clothes, their families old clothes.. God has just really spoken to me about my compassion through this last month.. and im just praying i dont come down off this high.. because man, compassion feels good!

Posted: 2007-03-18 21:38:00

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