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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Homeless restrooms

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Hey great job for the Lord!
I would like to plea to business owners in homeless populated areas to open their restrooms to the public.
The Homeless need a safe place to release pent-up bodily functions!

I remember ministering to the homeless in downtown Seattle a few years ago, and there was this one alley that was so smelly with human waste, that i almost passed out from the putrid fumes.

As i walked behind a dumpster to check on a homeless gentleman, who seemed to be in distress, i quickly noticed (too late) that he was backed up to the wall to relieve his bowels (presumably, because he needed the wall to keep his balance.)

Needless to say,,, i was shocked & embarrassed, so i backed away from there pronto! As i was backing away, i slipped, and fell down in a fresh pile of human waste! Before i realized what had happened,,, i had already rolled back & forth in it several times, getting it all over my clothes & hair.

As i hurriedly rushed away, in a confused & horrified daze, i came upon an open dumpster which looked like it had some material (clean newspapers & such) which i thought i could use to clean some of the feces off my arms, hands, & hair.
Well, just as i was wiping myself down, a noise came from the loading dock beside the dumpster, which was at eye level with where i was standing.
The noise i heard was the popping & splashing sound of explosive diarrhea coming from yet another homeless man from the loading dock. Several bits & flecks of the man's diarrhea struck my face and even splashed into my open mouth as i screamed.
I mean, i'm sure it wasn't intentional, but being under hi-pressure, it went all over everything within a 6 radius.
I ran out of that alley and shook the dirt from my sandals (only it wasn't dirt) vowing never to minister in alley-ways again.

So, i ask you again, please let the homeless use your restrooms when asked. The soles you save may be your own.
Thank you!

Posted: 2007-03-13 06:19:00

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