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Topic: Wow!

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Mike, i think what you and sam did was amazing! I am a mom with 2 young children, but if we didn't have kids, i would be seriously talking with my husband about doing what you guys did! Although i'm not sure i could handle it, but i would sure like to try! My husband and i have a huge heart for the homeless, but mine is more focused on young people and prostitutes. We have gone out several times in our city and met people, when it was really cold out we drove out late at night and handed out hot chocolate to the girls, and had some extra warm clothing in our vehicle, although most of them won't take it! We have made friends with a couple that have no home, and we have taken them out to eat, had them over to our house, and brought them food many times, but it is so much harder to find them in the winter.
I totally relate to what you guys did, but maybe in a different way, my husband and i both want to go to africa some day and do missions in the back areas, where not too many other white people are. But unlike many other missionaries, when we go, we want to live like the people there, we want to be on the same level as them, live in a mudhut, and understand what it's like to live without. If we had food being sent to us, i could not bear to eat it knowing that the rest of the village was starving, i know i would be finding ways to make sure everyone got a piece! So i understand your hearts, and reading your book made me want to do the same here, but i couldn't put my kids through it!
My husband and i know that God has called us to toronto, a canadian city bursting with homelessness, loss, addiction, and all the other things you experienced on your trip. We don't know exactly for what purpose He is sending us there, or even when yet, but in my heart, i honestly hope that it is to work with the lost and homeless people there!
For now, we will keep doing what we can do here in our city, meeting people and building friendships, providing the small physical needs that we can.
Thank you for being so real and listening to the call God put on your lives! It has encouraged me so greatly, and broken down many of my fears and just plain helped me to understand even just a little bit more what it is actually like to be there, on the streets with nothing. If i can't do it myself, then the next best thing is to read about it and be able to have contact with someone who has!! So again, thank you!

Posted: 2007-03-12 11:18:00

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thank you for this trip in to a different world yet so alike.i am happy to say that your book has come to romania and i read it in 2 days.i barely let it out of my hands.and it has been very inspirational!but i have met many poor people,beggers and i gave money to some and to some i had doubts.in your book you also spoke about fake homeless people.and i am no rich guy(18 is the age of no money i feel sometimes)i find pleasure in giving them some money out of my little income.but i never stoped to talk to any of them and i always wondered if they are not fake like that guy that won unimpozable money.your book made me curious to find out their story.but the type of people you describe in your book i don't think i have ever met.we don't have poeple that sleep wherever,they are mostly banished by police and most of them ask money for booze.
your book made me wanna go there,have nothing,and see what is true and what isn't of all the ideas i have heard.
i have given the booktoi my pastor and next my mom(who is not a christian yet)will read it.i hope it will have the same effect on them as it had on me.
bless you,alex

Posted: 2007-03-24 11:58:00

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