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I'm was a missionary to international students in Korea, but now I'm a missionary to the world--it just so happens that it's the lap of luxury--the US.

So I got to pick up my former boss, John Peterson, from the Memphis airport last Tuesday night. This was fortunate for a couple of reasons, the first that I was happy to see John again after so long and the second that I was given the opportunity to obey the Spirit of the Living God. See I have been reading a particular book about homelessness and the homeless in the U.S. Well, this book is super, but it caused me a few restless nights of wondering how in the world could I make a difference in suburban Mississippi--not so many homeless in my areas, honestly. But I know what the word of God says: "...for I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was hungry and you fed me; I was naked and you clothed me; I was in prison and you came to visit me..." So after spending a few agitated nights of tossing and praying, God gave me the opportunity to release some of my new-found motivation.

Last Tuesday night was particularly nasty weatherwise--temps were in the 30's, it was raining and the wind was up; not a very nice night at all. I was cozy and warm in my car as I drove to the Memphis airport to pick up John. On my way there, I saw, in the median of the 8 lane road, a homeless person. He looked to be in his 20's or 30's--ratty clothes, big bushy beard. He held a cardboard sign that was disentegrating in the rain--it read: "Just plain homeless anything helps"

I drove on to the airport and waited for John's flight from Chicago which had been delayed because of a major snow storm, but I really did hope that this homeless guy would still be there when we drove back toward Mississippi. I had determined that if he were still there, I'd give him something to eat. As we approached the intersection, I noticed a figure outlined against the headlights of the oncoming traffic--he was still there.

I pulled into the MapCo and got some gas, then went in the store and bought 2 ham and cheese sandwiches as well as a large coffee and stuffed my bag full of flavored creamers and a ton of sugar packets. Then I got a big bottle of water out of the cooler section--the total without gas: $8.49. Wow--that's cheap love right there.
Now the beauty of this story continues. In order to reach the homeless guy, I had to turn around and head back toward the airport. It was my delight to make John feel at home by pulling some totally Korean driving maneuvers which landed us back in the direction we needed to go. As I drove up to the homeless guy, I turned off my headlights so as not to blind him and John got out of the car and gave the guy the bag with a brief description of what it contained. The John shook his hand and I waved at him from the car and he waved back. When John returned to the car, I learned that his name is "Jerry." Hmmm. The c

Posted: 2007-02-19 22:21:00

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