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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Thank You Mike',' if you're out there

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My name is Rebecca and I'm a stay at home mum from New Zealand. I borrowed your book from my sister and I read it today almost without putting it down. I've always felt like I've wanted to help the homeless in my city, but I admit that I've been a bit afraid of approaching people, and quite unsure of how to go about offering practical help.

I had been thinking about your book all through church this morning, my life suddenly seemed too comfortable and too easy. After the service my husband, my 2 yr old daughter and I sat down outside at a cafe for lunch. About halfway through our lunch my husband nodded towards a teenage boy sitting next to us and asked me if I had any cash in my purse. I said I did, but that the boy looked OK to me - he had a clean looking cap and tshirt and was eating a box of chocolates. My husband is a policeman in the poorest area of our city and he's learned to notice details. He directed his gaze to the boys feet. His pants were torn and he had no shoes. His feet were black with dirt and grime. I then looked at his face. I have never seen such hopelessness and despair before. It broke my heart. We went into the cafe and bought a big sandwich for him. My husband spoke to him for a bit and told him that there were good people in the world and that he hoped his luck changed. When we got to the car we kicked ourselves for not getting him some shoes.

I'm not sure if we would have stopped and given that boy some lunch if I hadn't just read your book. Were not sure if we'll see him after church next week, but if we do we'll be ready with a backpack full of clothes and food.

So thank you Mike, for writing this book, and for reminding me who I am meant to be in Christ.


Posted: 2007-02-18 00:42:00

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