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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Freshmen want to start shower ministry for homeless

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Neat how things fall in to place with God's help! I am on the last chapter of "Under the Overpass" and it has made me think in ways i would normally not think. A group of four other freshmen and I attned Neighborhood Church of Redding together. Today at youth group we had discussion groups with the topic being on the homeless. Our discussion leader told us about a young couple at another church he used to attend that wanted to start a shower ministry for the homeless. Basicly they had a large facility for showering in their church that was almost never used. They wanted to give showers to the homeless and then pass out clean underwear and socks. Some of the leaders of the churched replied "We don't want 'those people here." The plan was eventually voted down. When our discussion leader told us that there were showers at our church that were almost never used and took us to see them, we decided it would be a neat ministry to start. I then went to regualar service where the message was taking risks for Him. By the time I talked to the rest of the guys, we were still all very excited about the idea. We all talked to the lead paster, young adult paster, high school paster, and a guy named Nate who just got back from YWAM in Thailand. All liked the idea. We found out that the young adult part of our church also has a homeless ministry but has not thought to put to use the showers. This is in its early stages and we need to jump through some hoops, figure out just exactly what we want to happen, and how we will get the people there. Through prayer, we hope to make our vision a reality. Thanks for your prayers!

Posted: 2007-02-11 19:30:00

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