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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Thankfullness from GP

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Thank you Mike and Sam,
I was able to read your book for free at the local public library. Your book brought a confirmation to my heart and tears to my eyes that what my husband and I did to help the homeless was right for homeless and right before God. Six years ago, the Lord called me and my husband to help the homeless at our local rescue mission while we were unemployed facing homelessness ourselves. My husband had lost his job and had a life threatening surgery which he survived; but he was not able to find work for three years. I was laid-off for one year and praying daily that I wouldn't have to apply for food stamps at the public aid office I was laid-off from. Along the way we met the spiritual and concrete needs of homeless men and women who stayed in our home. Three of the homeless men we adopted as our own and had them living with us for up to a year. (I don't recommend this for everybody). We survived off of our 401-K's and my husband's pension. God just wanted this self-centered girl to grow-up into a giving mature believer. We never got a human confirmation that we were doing the right thing; but, we did get confirmations from God and your book that we were doing the right thing. We were not much older from the men who stayed in our home but we were like their spiritual parents (We have no children of our own). The men accepted Christ committed their lives to Him and are no longer homeless. I remember seven years ago, the Holy Spirit was prompting me on my way to work in Chicago to stop and talk to the homeless and give them an extra sack lunch. I was given the lunch for free by a person I met on the train who hated his lunch that was prepared for him at the work release he was from. I began feeding the homeless as I walked to work with this lunch and with an apple or extra food I had. Each time I gave a homeless person food as I walked to work. I kept getting yelled at by the "Normal" people passing by to not do it. Today I am thankful for the wisdom and Godly compassion I gained during those difficult financial times because I started to see the homeless through the eyes of Jesus and now I work in a mental health community agency with the homeless/chronically mentally ill (from 18-years-old to
65-years-old) on a daily basis and volunteer as a Chaplain in a prison. My husband now works in business at a call center and volunteers at a local food pantry. We both are active in our church on the worship team and have learned that a trail blazer must first lead and obey God no matter what. If others follow we pray that they obey His leading. I appreciate both you and Sam in your committment and leardership in obeying Christ no matter what! We can't limit God or put Him in a box as Christians. If God calls us to meet our brothers or sisters need in whatever capacity with His Wisdom we must obey--but don't expect others to approve or pat you on the back for it. Someone once said "You can

Posted: 2007-02-03 14:38:00

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