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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Homeless Stabbing

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I just have to share this, God is so completely amazing how he moves in our lives in the most amazing way when we step out and try to do his will no matter what. And the way he protects us, when we don't even realize it, just makes me want to cry in appreciation for his amazing love.
Two months ago, in December, we went down to feed the homeless, like our group does every month. On the way we stop at McDonald's to get as many $5 gift cards we can afford to give to the homeless, to go with the lunches we make. Well, it is sort of our group's joke that when it is my turn to get the gift cards, the machine usually breaks down, and the employee has to use another one, or just something strange always happens to make it difficult for me to get them. Well, last December, it was worse then usual, it took over 1/2 and hour for me to get 10 gift cards! When we got downtown, I understood why it took so long.
Not 20 minutes before we came to the place in the park that we always go to, a homeless man had been stabbed right in the place we would have been, if it had not taken so long to get those gift cards. If it had not taken so long to get those giftcards, we would have been apart (maybe only witnesses, or maybe worse) of the whole entire stabbing incident. There were 4 police cars, a fire truck, and 2 ambulances on the park grass, surrounding the man who had been stabbed. I don't know who else was hurt, but the man we saw who had been stabbed (in his midsection, front to back)seemed ok, he was talking and seemed coherent. Do you see how God protects us, in the most amazing ways?
And then, afterwards, we had the most amazing time. I have never prayed for so many homeless people in an hour. And after that stabbing, the people we talked to craved our prayers more then our food. I prayed for a man whose eyes were both swollen shut and his whole face was completely bruised & cut up from being beat up on the street, and all he wanted was prayer, I had to convince him he might be hungry later and to please take a lunch. Another woman, who was so afraid to fall asleep on the street, and she was afraid to go to the shelters, she told me she had been sexually abused more times then she could count, and she was so exhausted, and as I prayed for her, she fell asleep and I tucked her in to her blankets, and while she lay sleeping she had the most peaceful look on her face, that it broke my heart. Our group of 6 people prayed for over 20 people that day, and we fed over 100, in about 1 1/2 hours.
I am just extremely amazed and grateful that God allows me to be apart of his plans, that he allows me to witness his amazing love and grace among a people our society tries to ignore. I am grateful for Mike's book, because thru that book, God gave me the courage to carry out his will. Thanks for listening, I have to share this stuff or I will burst!

Posted: 2007-01-31 11:21:00

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Thats rad dude. Its so amazing how Christ protects us in these mysterious ways but still loves so much that we would carry out his will anyway!

Posted: 2007-02-03 11:47:00

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