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Category: Testimonies
Topic: God is Faithful!

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Hi again, I posted awhile ago asking for your prayers because God put a homeless ministry on my heart, that my church wasn't going to support, but God urged me on anyway. Well, a year later, we ( a group of 4 + me)have not missed a month the past year, going downtown and passing out lunches, water, providing a listening ear, encouragement, and prayer to all who are hungry. And guess what?! My church, with 5000 members decided to make an announcement about our homeless ministry, asking for donations and volunteers for it. There are now 20 new members that want to be apart of it and slowly they are making that a reality. Plus, the church has given us space in their warehouse for all the donations we are slowly starting to get.
It is amazing to me how God puts his ideas into one heart, and then he blesses that heart's obedience, and thru him, this one idea, he gave to me, a recovering alcholic now 16 years sober, a wife and mother of 2 sons living in suburbia, this one person and her close friends, now God has us feeding over 150 people every month, and it is just growing and becoming bigger and bigger. And all who come downtown with us for the first time are transformed forever by it, and the homeless are so appreciative, and the evangelizing thru prayer, scripture, or an encouraging word, or a simple meal is very humbling and inspiring!
Have you felt that you have finally started doing, what you were meant to do before you were born, like you are FINALLY doing what God wanted you to do all along? I mean I did feel that when I first married, then after each of my children were born, but now, I feel it again, I feel this homeless ministry is one of my purposes in life, God's plan for me. He is at the helm, and I am along for the roller coaster ride.
And may I ask for your prayers of protection from the spiritual warfare and that all we say and do is for God and His glory, and that we reach those who God wants us to? Thank you for listening.

Posted: 2006-12-16 01:37:00

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