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Category: Welcome
Topic: YC 2006 SHOUT!!!!

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Hey guys, i just found this site. Mike, I hope you guys read these notes cause i am really directing this message to you. Mike, I saw you at the YC (which was totally awsome and already have myself a hotel room booked for next year in St. John's) and I thought your messages were awsome. I cried, laughed, i did everything in the stands listening to you. I was supposed to get your book for Christmas, but i couldn't wait and i bought it straight away. I'm just about done (like 5-10 pages left to return to normal) and there is one thing wrong about the book... IT ENDS!!! I so don't want it to, but i look at it, and the book mark is right to the back!! LOL. Seriously, I loved the book, and I've been encoraging people to get it. I am totally touched by the book, and I only hope that somewhere in my journey (though i'm still just 15) that i get to have an over welming christian experence like yours and Sams. I hope that YC will not be the last time i got to here your message. Good Luck, and Keep Faigh. God Bless. Renee

Posted: 2006-11-02 11:15:00

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