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You know Ive been the underdog all my life. I was told that I was "unlovable", hated, worthless, ugly, etc. My father even told me once to go and get my last name change so that no one could reconize me as his son. So I ran. I ran form the pain the hate the abuse of the world. i became homless. I wanted to be alone. Away from all the pain of being me. I tried to end my life more than once I hated the world. I hated everyone. I hated me. Then, I heard about JESUS. The man that loved me no matter what i did, Who wouldn't give up on me. This man died on the cross for me! He LOVES ME. So today i sing my life song! I once was blind but now I sing I dont know how but when he touched me, i once was blind but now i SEE. I once was dead but now im healed. MY LIFE SONG SINGS

Posted: 2006-10-26 14:51:00

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