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Topic: Would you ever?

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Hello! Im Chelsea...I attend Wynford High School..I am in the 10th grade and our english teacher..Ms. Taylor...had our english class read your book- "Under the Over Pass". This book is very interesting...It is something that i would have probably never chose to read. This book is something that would never jump out to me if i was looking for something to read. This book was very good though. I liked being able to read your book and read what it was like living on the streets. This book has inspired me to go and help the homeless..so sometime i will go and help someone sitting on the side of the streets..by either talkin to them, or giving them food or anything!!, just being able to help someone might be intresting and maybe even fun! Well, after reading your book i thought of a question that i might want to ask you, so.... Mike, would you ever decide to do it again? (become homeless)... Thanks for taking your time and readin my post!!!

Posted: 2006-10-25 11:37:00

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