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Topic: youth group

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the book said to come hear for study/discussion ideas for a youth group. i looked on the site and couldn't find any. any suggestions? we are reading the book one city a week and then dicussing it sunday nights. our final thing might be sleeping outside our chruch in boxes and such.

Posted: 2006-09-13 15:48:00

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As a teen who goes to youth group, I think that knowing that youre helping, no matter how small can benefit you more than having fun or discussing something.
So I suggest that you help them to get out there and help, whether it's at a soup kitchen, a fund-raiser to give to an organization to help homeless people, or a convention to out-reach people in your community.
The youth group that I go to are currently talking about doing fund raisers to help the children in Uganda . We are also going to a local food pantry to help shovel rock in a couple of weeks.
I also have another suggestion for a topic, and it is what my youth group is pretty much doing right now.
it is about kids in Uganda who have to travel miles just to sleep safely for the night. For more information go to www.invisiblechildren.com
I hope that I helped you out!
For any more information you can email me at

my prayers go out to you :]

Posted: 2006-09-25 15:42:00

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