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Topic: Hi from MI

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Hi I just got done reading the book, I borrowed it from my sister and brother in law. It was a great book, such an eye opener. I knew that the church isn't doing nearly enough, because we were recently in a position where we lost our house and were homeless and no one wanted to help us, so we headed out of state to go to a supposed Christian village only to find out that it was a cult, so then we called my sister and brother in law here in MI and asked if we could stay with them for a while and so here we are, we went from ME to TN and now we are here. The Lord has really blessed us through it all though, He has shown us that we need to do more to help people, that there isn't enough being done, and alot of what is being done isn't being done in the right way. I pray that the Lord will show more people what needs to be done and gives them a heart to do it.

Posted: 2006-06-27 21:03:00

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Where in Michigan are you? We have booked Mike for Nov. 2007. Hope you are doing well..so sorry about your bad experience.
Faith...and one day at a time.
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Posted: 2007-03-23 09:23:00

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