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Topic: Pimpin the Homeless

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ok..at the risk of being skinned alive..here is my issue. Isn't making money off a book and now writing a "devotional" like pimpin those who are hurting on the street? I love the idea of what he did...but it just rings of Pop Christianity by selling it out. I mean are any proceeds going to the homeless?

Posted: 2006-04-05 19:00:00

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Awesome question.... Know that I appreciate the heart of it: It's in perfect sync with my own. And, BTW, nobody's gonna "skin you alive"...

A percentage of the proceeds are definitely going to help the homeless. The Santa Barbara Rescue Mission (the local RM near where Danae and I live) is the direct recipient of these proceeds . As well, were trying to start a ministry here in this area called Room in the Inn, which helps to network local churches together in order to help meet the real needs (physical, relational, and spiritual) of the homeless men and women in the Santa Barbara area. Proceeds from Under the Overpass and My 30 Days Under the Overpass will be helping to fund this ministry.

On "Pop Christianity":
My hope in prayer with Under the Overpass and also My 30 Days Under the Overpass is to help spread the word that we as followers of Christ have a direct obligation, and, more bluntly, a command from our King to reach out to those who are in need all around us. It's a message that needs to be reiterated to all of us, Pop-Christian or not, for all too often our focus is only on what immediately impacts us rather than on Christ's commands.

Thanks for the time you took to post this thought, I really respect and appreciate it!

Grace and Peace.


Posted: 2006-04-11 19:24:00

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Thank you for responding...I appreciate your honest reply. And I appreciate even more the stewardship with the proceeds. We too are involved with street ministry in Indiana. Thank you for your heart as well.

Posted: 2006-04-11 20:39:00

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I would like to thank you for responding and also thank you for your Heart and your stewardship. I hope you understand I was not trying to be divisive. We too are involved with street ministry from Indiana. It's easy to get frustrated with those who would drop a dollar or two and walk away. The passion must result in relational ministry to the "least" of these..we too have been the "least".

I can see your heart and passion. God Bless. Eternalcry.com

Posted: 2006-04-11 20:51:00

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I haven't read the book yet; I just heard about all this today. I was told Mike's speaking in our town this month, so I got on the site to check it out. By watching the 8 minute video, you can really catch Mike's heart on the matter, and it's clear he's not in it for the money (which you seem to also understand). It is so important for this message to get out, most especially to Christians, and the way to do it is for Mike to write about what he knows from his experiences. And to do that, there are costs involved to make a book, and my understanding is that writers don't even make that much off books, anyway. Just thought I'd add another perspective.

I look forward to reading the book, as it lines up with my heart and makes me feel like there is something I can do.

Posted: 2006-04-13 00:47:00

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I recently heard you speak at my school. Having heard you speak, it raised some pressing questions within my mind.

I look at your dedication to your cause with a great amount of admiration. Did you ever have ethical questions in your mind that made you wonder whether or not it was right to ask for money even though you in reality did not need it? Did you struggle in your dedication with the knowledge that you were actually not really destitute, and that there was always a bank account that could rescue you? What would you tell the people who did actually give you money, having been under the impression that you were in a dire need for it?

In conclusion, to what degree do the book's proceeds ease poverty in the world and in the greater global community?

Thank you for time and your continued perseverance in your struggle against poverty.

Posted: 2007-11-07 01:07:40

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