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Category: Welcome
Topic: Hello from the little Island of Tasmania in AUSTRALIA

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I heard about your book on my local christian radio. You spoke for half an hour and I was rivetted to the radio. Wow - I thought - someone who thinks just like me !!!

I just couldnt wait to get my hands on the book as I have a great passion for homeless and prisoners.

I finished your book today sadly as I enjoyed it just so much. I wanted more and more.

Just to let you know that even on this little Island down near the Antarctic we have homeless people.

For years now I have volunteered on a Soup and Sandwich Van for the Homeless run by a Charity here in Hobart. I now have a rapport with the people on the Street.

Sadly I too have found that Churches don't accept marginalised people. Incredibly a Pastors wife said to me last week "you mean there are really homeless people in Hobart?" I was dumbfounded to say the least.

I am a marginalised person myself - having Bi Polar Disorder well managed. But without my supportive family and a good mental health service I too could be in this situation.

Your ideas in the back of the book were terrific and guess what - I have already done one of them even before I read your book.

At a Youth Group that I run we had a Concert that the parents were invited to and my Talk for the evening was on Homeless People and some of the reasons why people become homeless.

Your book has inspired me just so much to do even more. I really appreciated all the ideas in the back of the book and will certainly be undertaking some of them in the future.

Thank you so much for your inspiration and I am going to read the book again and again and visit this site often.

If anyone would like to correspond with me about any of the above my email address is: vickicurtis@tastel.net.au

In Jesus name

Vicki Curtis
Age 48
Island of Tasmania

Posted: 2006-03-12 09:48:00

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Very cool Vicki. I was surprised when I saw that you are from Tasmania, my husband is from there, it isn't often that we come across people from there. He is in the US now, he has been here for 4 years now. I am glad to hear that you have such a heart for the homeless. We have a heart to help the homeless and others who are in need too. There are way to many people out there in need and not enough people to help them.

God Bless you and keep up the good work!

Posted: 2006-06-27 20:53:00

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