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Topic: this is me

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Hey ya all...

Its amazing the things you find to occupy your time, when your on a homeless experience. Yay for the cheap internet cafes. I am currently on a course, for one of my social work papers called inner city exposure. We are checking out the angencys avaliable for the streeties.... and as previously said, am currently in the middle of a 24hour homless experience, which is leaving me to wonder how the heck mike and sam ever did it for 5 months...

I happened to pick up "Under the overpass" about a day before I was due to go on this course, and went feeling hugely inspired...... I am having a huge feeling right now that Gods, calling me to step over the edge with him... My heart is for the young ones, there are girls as young as 12 years of age, working the streets... They come out I'm told, because (usually) there home life is appalling, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and sleeping under a tree, is usually safer because out there the streeties seem to look after each other...

Posted: 2006-02-13 16:59:00

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