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Category: Welcome
Topic: Video Download for 30 Hour Famine presentation?

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Hey guys,

I've been planning for our youth groups 30 Hour Famine, and I came across this site and man did it blow my socks off what you guys did. I watched the video on this website and I believe it will touch many of our youth's and church member's lives. To drive them to the opportunities to service the homeless community.

I was wondering if you guys were willing to give permission to allow me to show that video at our church service. It is such a phenomenal video and testimony that I know will truly give people a passion for God's people. Let me know if it's permissable if if you have the actual file to download.

God Bless

Posted: 2006-02-09 10:27:00

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hey dude,

did you ever find a copy of the video you were asking about? i watched it too and want a copy. if you got any info let me know.

lynn williams

Posted: 2006-04-16 20:35:00

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I am hoping to move hearts with video but need to have embedded for congregational meeting.

Would love to know if you ever heard. nickbrigman@aol.com

Thanks and God Bless

Posted: 2006-04-28 22:14:00

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