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Category: Welcome
Topic: A Calling?

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I previously put this on the Testimonies page but upon further thought I had an idea it may belong here!

I have been hearing a calling, a tugging at my heart for a while now and wasnt sure (but had a hunch) what it was. The only Christians in my life are my grandparents and I just talked with my grandmother and she is SURE it is Jesus trying to come into my life and heart. I am confused, having had some odd feelings about religion in the past, but I can feel His presence and know that now is the time to accept him into my heart and life. And I am scared...confused...bewildered...and hopeful. I read this book and it reaffirmed my idea of what that feeling in me was. I have always been called to helping people. It was more than just liking to...I was called and made to do it. I hold a degree in human services and work with acutley mentally ill patients on a unit at a psych hospital. I was moved by the book and have talked my 73 yr old Grammy into reading it! I just came by here to be counted as one of the many who loved the book but also with a second purpose. Does anyone have any words or ideas on how I can keep moving on my path to Jesus? I LOVE to read so are there any books that I might want to check out? I just needed to reach out! I am a bit older than most on this sight probably (30) but age isnt really a factor here.

Thank you for making a difference and opening some eyes!

Posted: 2006-01-31 12:07:00

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I have also been turning more towards a Christian life...If you would like to read some good books that I have read, you should read Ryan Dobson's "To Die For" or "To Live For" he also wrote a book called "Be Intolerant" but they are all good....They are aimed for teens to twentysomething group but I don't think it matters who you are, they are still good....Also "The Case for Christ" is awesome if you are unsure about if you can trust the Bible....I highly recommend reading this book!! There are a few others I can tell you about after I am finished reading them...I am currently reading "Under the Overpass" and I love it!! I am going to try to join a Rescue College and help out if I can! It was good talking to you! I hope you enjoy these books! Also, if you are not already doing this...if you goto amazon.com to buy new or used books they are cheaper than buying them at a bookstore! Enjoy and God Bless!

Posted: 2006-02-23 12:20:00

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Go to the library and get "When Christ Comes" by Max Lucado.

Posted: 2006-03-10 17:28:00

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The Bible, the best book to read.

Posted: 2006-06-27 21:10:00

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hey! so i know this is kind late to reply, but i just joined as a member and had to tell you that the book "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller is an amazing book and i encourage you to read it! It will truely open your eyes! God Bless

Posted: 2006-07-17 22:42:00

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