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Topic: To Every Nation

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Yankee, how are you warrior?! First, its Seth Conner. I happened to take a flight home this holiday season with our friend Whitney Olman (sp.) and she told me you wrote a book. I didn t think anything of it until I was wandering through my local C28 store here in the OC and stumbled across it. Of course I bought it and I'm currently reading it right now. My sister bought one too and took it to Hawaii where she's going to school and involved in the massive ministry in Helo. Anyway, my topic name is To Every Nation cause it's the organization I'm looking to follow out to Peru and Ecuador this next year. As you might know, myself and Jason LaFavre have just finished our four year term in the Marines, which took us to many places including Iraq, of course. The parrallels between your book and that of which I saw in Fallujah are jaw dropping to say the least. I look forward to getting in touch with you. I'm not far from you apparently but I know youre busy. deityswad9@yahoo.com if you have a chance. Way to go, you and Sam are a testament and inspiration. Thanks.
In Him, your brother,

Posted: 2006-01-25 00:28:00

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