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Category: Welcome
Topic: Fast Food Discount Drive

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Hey Mike,

Got your book on CD! I loved it! I actually frist heard about you on the Undone Podcast by Ryan Dobson. Quite an amazing book. Bless you for your committment to Jesus.

I took your advice and actually sponsered a "Fast Food Gift Certificate Drive" at my church. Were a small church in Montesano, WA. We were able to collect $705 worth of gift certificates during the Christmas season. Our local McDonalds actually met what we contributed from McD's, so not counting what we got from other restraunts, we have $1200 worth to hand out to the homeless in our community! Hopefully your readers can know that asking a food chain to match what their church brings in is a GREAT thing to do. Especially Ronald and the gang! Were also leaving the GC box out year around for those who wish to contribute to. It's a wonderful drive because young people who are in jr high & high school can learn how to give also on what they earn and save...

Take care. God Bless you and your new/soon to be wife. May yor marriage be blessed, boyonbass

P.S. Sam does great lady inpersonations on the audio version...hehehe...are you guys still leading worship these days?

Posted: 2006-01-07 17:32:00
Rory Dunford

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i think i is great to help the homeless but if you have nothing to give is that bad? i would be able to do is talk to them i have no money and my family is in major dept so they have no extra money so is time enough to give to the homeless if you can't give them anything else?

Posted: 2006-10-25 10:12:00

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Rory: Yes!

Posted: 2011-01-26 22:45:26

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