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Topic: Questions about interacting.

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Hey Mike, I am reading the book and loving it. I often feel like I am a Christian that would walk by a homeless person feeling awkward and scared. Your book is comforting to me because it makes me uncomfortable, and challenges me to step out of my comfort zone. But I have a couple of questions about interacting with the homeless. It is not that I look at them and do not want to help them, but that I look at them and am so overwhelmed with fear that I cannot interact with them well. When I drive by a man holding up a sign for food I want to help with all of my heart but I don't know where to begin. You spent time with people on the streets. How do I approach them in a healthy manner with love and tenderness? And what kind of boundaries do I need to have in order for my help to be beneficial in a Kingdom-sort-of-way? Thank you. Bless God.

Posted: 2006-01-02 15:32:00

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I too am interested in the same information as jcavfss has stated. I don't really have that much fear, but getting over the hump of getting started. Being the person similar to the guy in San Francisco they called Jesus by showing up with Pizzas or the 2 friends you made in Portland who helped in so many ways would be something of interest. I was envisioning just showing up with sandwiches or some kind of food or meal.
However, as I was expressing this to a friend, the idea of getting taken advantage of, beat up or whatever other dangers immediately took over what some of the problems might be. I have no intentions, at this point, of giving money to any homeless person, but would like to hear some simple approaches to starting a small ministry in this. I don't plan on doing anything after dark.
Does it really matter what kind of food I should bring with me?
How do I attempt to match homeless people with services they could possibly take advantage of? Like getting a job, gov't handouts, support, medical, etc.?
I hope to write more as I get more information... thanks for any response!

Posted: 2006-01-12 16:00:00

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Hi. I posted an intro, but will do brief rehash. Am currently on a homeless experience, in answer to how do you interact I would like to share some of the stuff I have been learning

All the workers from the missions have said the same, some may open up right away and start chatting, others will take their time, and you may know them for several years before they will open up to you.....

An experience I had this morning, was having a convo with the oldest streetie, a wee lady called Ma (who I've seen at the mission feeding place), who is 84, and has been out there for over fourty years. She was feeding birds out of her hand, and I started a convo making a comment about the birds.... Ok so it was a couple of minute convo, and really nothing huge was discussed, but it was an opportunity for her to check me out, to make sure I wasnt going to start preaching at her, or annoying her... Its important to respect their space. Our faciliatator for this course said "Imagine how I would feel if I woke up to one of them in my bedroom, and to apply that to them waking up and seeing me standing over them"

Respect their space, if they dont want to talk, dont pressure them to talk... Not an expert by any means, but am learning a bit... I think there are some good sugestions in the back of mikes book

Posted: 2006-02-13 17:11:00

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My family and I have a homeless ministry. Just be real with the people you meet... don't get all "churchy" with them... just show love in action and they will see Jesus in you. Be willing to listen, to them and God.. God will open doors for conversation.. you don't have to preach in those conversations, just love and listen.. offer prayer if God nudges your heard to do so.

We started by cooking up a big pot of soup and took it and fed about 25 people... in just a few weeks were were up to feeding about 80 + and we give out toiletries, blankets, clothes ,and shoes along with fresh fruit and snacks for other times. God miraculously provides and we are just the hands for Him. Lots of work but the joy brought to a saddened face is worth it and even more so, the salvation of a soul.

Posted: 2012-01-22 20:29:49

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