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Category: Welcome
Topic: Ques. about the Church in the Park

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Mike, I'm not sure if you read this. I'm hoping you do..
If not, maybe anyone else who's reading this can help me out.

I'm a part of Remnant Westside Church in Manhattan, NYC. There is a homeless ministry that we just started this past year. I just read this book this weekend and it was so encouraging.

For several months now, the homeless ministry has been wanting to have church services at a park nearby us, where a whole bunch of homeless people are. It's "divine", actually (or at least that's the way I see it, haha), this idea- how it came to be and how simultaneously 2 guys had this same vision/idea the same week to hold services at the park! So, when I read that there's a church that actually does this, I was ecstatic!

We just started going out to the park about a month ago. It's a bit harder than we expected. I don't think we can just go in and hold church services there and have people at the park be okay with that. If anything, they'll probably think that were invading their space. So instead, we've been going out and worshipping on our own (the 6-7 of us) and then talking with the people, building relationships, etc. But, we still hope to have the services at the park, since that was the original idea given to us.

I was just wondering what then name of that church is. It'd be great to talk and connect with them, and hopefully get some advice from them, since theyre already doing this type of stuff.


Posted: 2005-11-22 14:20:00

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