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Category: Welcome
Topic: Considering Homelessness for a vacation

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I currently minister to the addicted and hurting in my city. I lead a addiction support group. Your book has greatly touched me. My wife and I are going to make about 25 sack lunches for this Saturday and bless the homeless in our city. I was considering doing what Sam and you did for one week, be homeless in a major city in our state for 6-7 days. I would only take with me a backpack, limited clothes, sleeping bag, bible, journal id, insurance card and phone card incase of emergency but no debit or credit cards. I would start with only $5 and be required to pan handle, sleep outside or at shelters. My wife understands but others think I'm crazy. I want to know what the people I minister to have gone through.
I will be going to either Portsmouth, NH or Laconia, NH in the spring. Both small cities with shelters, soup kitchens and a homeless population.

Posted: 2005-11-01 22:02:00

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hey bobbocat, thanks for responding to my mail. I'm spending the next 12 months getting everything in order here at home so I can imurse myself in the homeless life, live it, breath it, to understand what Paul meant by haveing everything & haveing nothing, Phil 4:11 I am single by the way so Im free to do this. if I can spend a week w/ you on the street, great. my Dads health is on my mind right now, lets keep talking. ok? one/four

Posted: 2005-11-06 08:09:00

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Hey bobcat, just wanted you to know you are not crazy. If you help with addicted people you should really need to know where they are coming from. Good luck!

Posted: 2005-11-10 13:26:00

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hi my name is Julie
my husband and I are homeless. right now we are on vacation (living indoors) providing free childcare for our first grandson.
I would commend anyone who would try it (even for a week).

Posted: 2006-03-08 18:10:00

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Hey, I don't know if this is too late, or if anyone checks up on these, but did you guys go through with it and live the life of a homeless person, if so, what do you come out of it with and how has it changed you?
Love in Christ<3

Posted: 2006-09-25 16:15:00

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I realize this reply is about 6 years too late, but I would ask each of you to consider that you need not live among the homeless to help them. Instead of copying Mike and Sam, use your own ideas, which are uniquely your own, to help those in need, and not just the homeless. Every day we meet people who are in need and broken if we just pay attention.


Posted: 2011-12-10 23:09:53

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