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Mike, what a wonderful book. I just finished reading it and my heart has been touched and I've been challenged to stretch myself in the area of service. I've worked at the Fresno Rescue Mission for three years in the area of donor development, and have been blessed by the experience. Each day I wake up and say "I get to go to work." During the day, I often feel overwhelmed by the fact that "I get to work there!" My service at the Mission has been more in the line of ministering to staff, volunteers, and the men in our recovery program. Every once in a while I have the opportunity to connect with one of the homeless men, but know as a woman I tend to use caution and reach out more. Every day I see miracles around me, and I see how homeless men and women who have no hope find Christ and are not only restored, but begin to share their faith in encouraging others around them.

My question for you is, in your experience, why don't more individuals who are homeless use the services of rescue missions at least for meals? We are Christ centered and our goal is changed lives through Christ. We do require chapel service each night to use our overnight facilities. But we also open our doors for dinner to anyone who wants to come (they don't have to spend the night or go to the chapel service to take advantage of dinner). Why would someone like you have to be hungry if rescue missions offer food on a daily basis?

Again, thank you for taking a leap of faith in serving Christ. Today I am meeting with a group at church who are going on a missions trip to Africa, and my topic isf teamwork and stepping outside your comfort zone... it's not about us, it's about serving Christ in a new culture. You've giving me some inspriation through the last pages in your book. God bless you.

Janet Steinhauer
Fresno Rescue Mission

Posted: 2005-10-09 08:40:00

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