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I just read your book and am thankfull someone outthere was lisening to the still small voice and took a leap of faith. May God richly Bless you, Both. and to other Christians, I hope the book empowers more to do the same. I am a Christian, homeless orphan of 15 years and its begining to take it's tole on my sprit, I don't have a family and as you've experianced firsthand the body of Christ-for the most part still looks down on the homeless. I don't drink or do drugs, other than my coffee, tabacco and pot(medical), so most of the time on the streets I am completely sober and this make it even harder. Plus as we near the end of days the world gets more uncaring, unloving, and cold-hearted. I have thoughts of sucide but my faith gives me stregth. I am an artist and designer and dream of a life not on the streets. But I wait on the Lord and His perfect timing. I belive anyone who wishes to, or has been called to serve the homeless at the very least read this book. or step out and spend at least 7 days on the streets in the town there caled to. May the Lord Unite the body of Christ and Please remeber the "toe-nails"

1st. John 3:16~19
Duet. 15:7~11
1st. Cor. 4: 9~

Posted: 2005-09-28 12:22:00

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