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Topic: God pulled me from there

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Just finished reading the book in a day. I could not put it down, but had to pause through tears and memories, chills and sympathetic hunger pangs that seemed like yesterday. It has been at the very least 15 years ago that My situation was the same as the words on the page, but not with Jesus as my strength, but rather my pursuer. Raised to know the Lord was no help when He is not the sole purpose for life.

After several years in and out of jail for a long list of crimes, I found myself alone alot, due to the fact that everyone who cared, I burned in someway. Being homeless in Albq. N.M., Reno NV, Sonora CA, Redding CA, and Modesto CA. ended with a long walk over Donner Pass in the snow, assuming a begging position for a ride. When one finally came, the man driving, had one of the most severe cases of cursing turets syndrome. I had always thought that people outbursting into uncontrolable vulgarities was myth, apparently not. My ride only took me to the larger part of the storm and I was dropped into it. Somehow, although a blur now, I made my way to Modesto CA, where I knew I would remain homeless, for a second time to that city.

Needless to say the storm that produced snow on the pass was dumping rain in Mowtown. I made my way to the end of McHenry Blvd. down by the car dealerships, because at night it would be well lit and unpopulated. Sitting on a curb on the busiest street in that town I realized that I could not feel some of my extremities, but the violent convulsions from my body were keeping me busy trying to catch my next breath.

I wasn't thinking clearly, because I was clearly dying from exposure. The Lord Jesus Himself was reaching for me. In a very clear voice, even if only heard by me, the Lord asked if I was done. My reply was "what?", although I knew it was time to decide if I was done with my life, and ready to let Jesus renew and reshape it into what he wants. I truley thought it would be my dying prayer to accept the Lord into my life, and I also thougt He was getting a bad deal. I mean look at the purchase here, no refunds, no warranty, and already broken. Good thing for me that's exactly what the Lord wants, that way we don't get in the way. So I told Jesus that if He was the only one who wanted me or cared, then He could do with me whatever He wants, and God honered that prayer for my salvation. I dont know what transpired there in that gutter, but my life has never been the same. Emedieatly after talking with my Savior I heard a voice asking if I needed a ride somewhere. Yes was my reply, but I had no destination other than what the Lord had planned for me.

The ride was from a Christian man who had one of every color of child in the van he was driving, all adopted like I just was. Childrens worship was playing, and it completely was appropriate. I think he knew I had nowhere to go, so to his house I went. Unable still to controll my shaking, and barely able

Posted: 2005-09-13 20:54:00

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I am planning to go to the streets sometime in the next 1-2 years, for how long I do not know. I am a christian whose faith is getting weaker daily as I live in comfort & safty. what are some good places to sleep at night, I will also be traveling across the U.S part of the time what travel advice would you give me. my name is wayne, Im 38, here is my email, daysfortyone@yahoo.com so glad the Lord saved you Brother!

Posted: 2005-10-06 20:21:00

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truly inspiring.Isn't it amazing that even though you said you were brought up as a christian God didn't talk to you until you truly accepted Him into your heart.

Posted: 2005-11-10 13:31:00

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This is a great testimony. May you live in God's restorative grace daily. Would you mind reading my post ? I would like some advice about how I can help make some packets for those on the street much better. Really appreciate that. My post is under the name Holly under June 25th Blessings!

Posted: 2008-06-25 17:00:03

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